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What would your day be like without your Recommended Daily Allowance of BS (approximately 17 ounces), or what we call THE FERTILIZER? Could you be happy and content in a world of unvarnished truth and fact? Would as many prosper in a world where all judgements are made solely on merit and facts?

Face it people ... we need THE FERTILIZER!

We understand the important public service that THE FERTILIZER, and its purveyors, play in providing for the general welfare. The time has come to recognize THE FERTILIZER in its many forms, acknowledge the efforts of its purveyors, and, on occasion, offer a little of our own.

Why let others have all the fun?



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Evidence of Fraud in a Florida Election. Where's the Outrage?

Fox Paid Seven Figures to Settle Lawsuit over Bogus Seth Rich Conspiracy Story

Trump’s Latest Anti-immigration Policy Will Require Some Africans to Pay $15,000 Bonds for Visas

Fox’s Trace Gallagher Caught Flat-Footed When Asked to Name a Member of Congress Who Advanced Defunding the Police

Pro-Trump Christian Evangelical ‘Prophets’ Apologise for Getting Election Result Wrong

Wisconsin Republicans Caught Apparently Encouraging Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania

'Who's the Banana Republic Now': World Reacts to US election



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